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Red LED Gun Light GL-300R (LIGHT ONLY)

Red LED Gun Light GL-300R (LIGHT ONLY)
Red LED Gun Light GL-300R (LIGHT ONLY)
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Model: GL-300R (LIGHT ONLY)


**NEW for 2017**

Night Eyes GL-300R gun light is the big brother of our popular F6 series gun lights. It has all the same great features just slightly larger with a tighter and brighter beam giving it more distance. It is 7 inches long and weighs only 10.5 ounces. The bright LED and pre-focused polished aluminum reflector makes it easy to see and shoot predators at distances over 300 yards using an average 40mm objective scope. This distance could vary plus or minus depending on the moon phase, quality of scope, environmental conditions and a hunter’s eyesight. There is no focusing or adjusting needed, whether your target is 30 feet or 300 yards just turn the light on and shoot. 

**This is the Red GL-300R LED Gun Light and glow-in-the dark tail cap ONLY. Does not include the entire kit**

Red Light Advantages

Red light is an excellent choice for hunting all predatory animals. It seems to have a calming effect on predators which  reduces the chance of those light shy animals being spooked.  Red also helps with preserving your night vision and makes it easy to see those bright red eyes as they approach. Red  is also a good option for those occasional hog hunts.


Type:  GL-300R Gun Light
Emitter:  1 Cree Red LED
Voltage:  3.7 volts
Runtime:  2.5 hours with a 18650 battery (NOT INCLUDED) 
Distance:  over 300 yards
Length:  7 inches
Head Diameter:  65 mm
Body Diameter:  26 mm
Weight:  10.5 oz
High intensity Red LED w/50,000 hours lifespan
Aerospace grade aluminium body
Weatherproof design allows it to be used in extreme cold (-42F) or during heavy rain
Ultra thick 3/16 inch glass lens
Smooth aluminium reflector
Lithium-ion battery discharge protection
Wrong polarity protection
Over discharge protection
Low battery warning indicator
Glow in-the-dark tail cap