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Magnetic Gun Light Mount

Magnetic Gun Light Mount
Magnetic Gun Light Mount  Magnetic Gun Light Mount
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Model: Magnetic Mount


This aluminum magnetic light mount easily switches from one gun to another within seconds. Magnets are rubber coated to protect the barrel from scratching. The mount fits a wide variety of guns from a 12 gauge shotgun to a rifle barrel and even some handguns.

Another option for use is when the light is placed in the mount it can be used as a handheld light then quickly mounted to the underside of the gun barrel for the shot. Perfect for use on most rifle barrels. It mounts and fits very well on shotgun barrels however, when I tested this mount it does slide up the barrel slightly from the recoil of my 12 gauge. It does not fall off or scratch the barrel but will creep forward slightly especially during multiple shots using my 12 gauge. I did not notice any movement while testing it on my rifle barrels. (Is not compatitable with our GL-300 and GL-350 gun lights)