GL-250 Gun Light Only (NO battery, accessories or factory packaging)

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Buy just the GL-250 Gun Light in your choice of red, green or white beam. This is for the light and tailcap only.  You will not receive a battery, charger, remote pressure switch, or halo shield. If you already have our GL-250 Gun Light or if you would like to upgrade your F6 Gun Light this is a way to get another beam color without purchasing the whole kit. 

Single accessories are available as a separate purchase.

Light does not come in factory packaging.


Our NEW Night Eyes GL-250 gun light is an upgrade to our previous and very popular F6 Gun light with one noticeable difference, it is approximately 40% brighter. The GL-250 is a high-quality, rechargeable, durable and waterproof  LED hunting light.  It is smaller, lighter and brighter than most other gun lights on the market.  It is 6 inches long and weighs only 7 ounces. It is completely waterproof, including the remote switch. The bright LED and polished aluminum reflector makes it easy to see and shoot predators at over 250 yards when using an average 40mm objective scope. This distance could vary plus or minus depending on the moon phase, quality of scope, environmental conditions and a hunter’s eyesight. Whether your target is 20 feet or 250 plus yards just turn the light on and shoot. There is no focusing or adjusting needed to align with the crosshairs.