Customer Reviews and Testimonials

I purchased the combo set last fall and could not be happier with the quality and brightness. I’m a coon hunter with hounds and the lights are great for locating the coon in trees, the light doesn’ bother them one bit! I also used the light to find my deer stand in WV where I used bright eyes to mark the trail, with this light I could see bright eye tacks for 150 yards ahead of me!

Mark Z.

I sold a light for you while fishing in Canada 3 weeks ago.  I took one of the guys out night fishing for walleyes and he went bonkers over my Night Eyes.  Walleyes are very skittish, but the red light didn\' bother them at all.  In addition, we saw the eyes of a small pack of coyotes in the woods as I was scanning the shore to troll as closely as possible to the bank.  When we were finding our way back to our lodge after fishing it was amazing how the red light illuminated the entire shoreline, including the cabins, without disturbing the residents.
Love your lights! Had to share our coyote count is now at 15 dead we got 5 Friday night and lost one! 15 northern NY coyotes down and 3 fox and most of my property can't be hunted till after December 14th!


My opinion, is that both of these lights are outstanding, I give them a A+ rating. I've been using them for a couple of months now, they are not effected by the bitter cold weather like we have been having during the past few weeks. They use only one 18650 rechargeable battery; when charging the battery, you keep it in the tube, the charging cord is connected directly to the battery holder. The scanning Super mini red LED headlight is so light weight, you don' even know that you have it on your head. The light has three settings, FULL beam, a SECOND beam that is completely programable, you can dim the beam down from a 100% to 0%. I set the brightness between 40 - 60% while scanning. You'll be able to see the predators eyes at 200+ yards. The run time on 50% brightness is about 8 hours. The run time on 100% brightness is approximately 3 and 1/2 hours. If you turn the light off and want to go back to the second beam, it keeps the % setting that you had previously set. The THIRD beam is a beam that pulsates as a blinking signal. A small control switch is located on the side of the headband. The supplemental red gun light is light weight and is also very good, in my opinion, I feel that it\'s beam extends farther than any others that are available. The pressure switch is dual mode. The front is a silent on/off and the middle is monetary on. Both of the lights mentioned are equipped with a low battery warning and a protective shut off. They blink 20 minutes prior to give the hunter a signal that it\'s battery is getting low prior to shutting off. For raccoon hunters, the lights can be ordered with a white LED light. I understand they also have an accessory, a small battery pack about the size of a credit card that is available for use by raccoon hunters. These predator red hunting lights are reasonably priced, with free shipping.
Tom M. from PA

My name is Mike coletti I ordered a red head lamp. I used it for alligator hunting in south Florida. if you have never tried alligator hunting you should and your head light is a game changer. the gators don\' spook nearly as quick. you can see there eyes from so far away. it penetrates the water great. I bought one for our first hunt of the year. the next hunt I quickly ordered another. I now own four of them because every one in my crew had to have one. they are Awsome really helped us allot this year. we have gotten a 9 footer, a 8"10, and 8"8. I can\' wait to buy your double white light to try this duck season. I think it will replace the head lamps we have now that must be plugged in to a 12 volt battery. Thank you again for your product. it is Awsome.
Thanks and have a great day.
Michael Coletti

Hey, shot another coyote last night a beautiful blond with red guard hairs. here are some pics of the last couple nights. I love the lights and they have totally changed night hunting for me.

Jim C. from .Y

Joe, Your night eyes products have brought a whole new " light " to my night hunting. I\'ve tried a lot of other lights in my 30 + years of predator hunting but none have even come close to the quality and performance of NIGHT EYES. I shutter to think about what I HAVEN\' seen in the past. Thanks,

Tim W from .Y

I spotted this female using the Night Eyes Headlamp at 200 yards on low beam. I was able to make the shot at 150 yards using the Night Eyes Gun Light. Worked great Joe. Thanks!

Mike . NY

Night Eyes best lights ever! Smaller and brighter than any other lights I\'ve used! 

Randy D of PA

I\'ve been using my Nighteyes headlamp for a couple of months now, and I\'m thoroughly convinced that it is by far one of the best pieces of hunting equipment I\'ve ever purchased.  Your headlamp has been a real game changer for us.
Several weeks ago, I headed out to make a quick solo stand in a hay field just down the road from my house.  The field is fairly secluded, with a thick treeline on two sides and a deep seasonal creek on the other.  Upon my arrival, I harnessed my backpack, shouldered my rifle and strapped on your headlamp so as to make ready for my walk in.  As I proceeded to my predetermined spot, I was scanning the field at about 40% power for unsuspecting visitors.  It was then that I spotted eyes in the trees along the creek.  I assumed it was probably just a raccoon but decided to make my way over there to take a closer look.
As I proceeded to move in, the critter quickly raced up the tree and onto a large overhanging limb...where it promptly stopped so as to get a closer look at me.  I knew immediately that this was no coon.  This animal was fast, stealthy and nibble.  So I took my rifle out to take a closer look.  And there she was...a big, mature bobcat...starring me down.  I had never experienced this before.  I\'ve taken many bobcats over the years, but never one in a tree.
I had the perfect shot--or so I thought.  I pulled the trigger and she immediately fell.  However, not to the ground.  She fell from her temporary perch straight down to a fork in the tree limbs below, where she got caught and was suspended in mid air--now dangling some 20 feet over the deep running creek.  There was no way to retrieve her.  She was directly over the creek...just hanging there.  Talk about a helpless feeling.  I really wanted to retrieve my prize, but I knew it wasn\' going to happen that night.
So, I ventured back to the field the next day with some help from my son, my hunting partner, and his 2 sons.  Equipped with some rope, wire, zip-ties, and an extendable painter\'s pole, we managed to lasso her neck and pluck her from the branches.  It took the better part of an hour to accomplish the task--but we did it.  (I now wish we would have had someone film the escapade, because we probably would have won a prize on "America\'s Funniest Videos."  LOL!!!)
Nevertheless, we got the bobcat and nobody drowned in the process.  It just goes to show how many critters are probably watching us when we walk to and from our stands.  And I would have never known she was there if I had not been using my Nighteyes headlamp.  Like I said, it is one of my most valued pieces of equipment.  I have already killed numerous coyotes, bobcats and foxes by scanning with the headlamp.  It sure beats using a handheld light!
All the best,

Just wanted to provide some feed back on your light since we are further in the season. I think the light performs outstanding, I have had no problems picking eyes up and this light has not cost me one animal.

Darren S. NY

I purchased the HL50-Q red/white head lamp as a Christmas gift for my wife.  She is a horse endurance rider and was planning on attending the Bighorn 100 run this summer in Wyoming.  Running longer distances on a horse means some of the race will be held at night and we wanted the best light we could get.

Your light was by far the brightest of all entries and worked excellent when the ride was held in July, 2015.  She ran the 75 mile run and finished 3rd with a ride time of 13 hours and 1 minute.  I am attaching a picture of her at 3:45 a.m. as we get ready for a 4:00 a.m. start.  Those first few hours in the pre-dawn dark are a bit sketchy without some type of light and the Night Eyes gave her the confidence to keep up the pace.

Thanks for a great product!

Dale and Teresa Fett

Shot both yotes at over 200 yds. One 38lb and one 50lb. Love these lights!

Steve F.

Just want you to know I shot my 3rd big boar hog last Saturday night hunting with the green headlamp & scope light.  I got to my bait site after dark to discover a bunch of raccoons munching the corn so I started calling with my grunt tube and got an immediate response.  I could hear this pig slowly approaching from within the swamp so I clicked on the headlamp when he got close.  At first all I could see were his eyeballs blinking through the brush but when he stepped out into the open I could see he was a big one.
Keeping the headlamp on him I lifted my rifle into shooting position then transitioned from the headlamp to the much brighter scope light and he didn\' even flinch. I was amazed that he just stood there facing straight at me, staring into the scope light from only 35 yards away!  After about 30 seconds he turned his head to the right just enough for me to stick a bullet into his earhole.  I had to get help dragging him out the next morning as he taped out at 4ft, 6inches long and weighed about 225 pounds.
I have had no success whatsoever trying to videotape these hunts on my cell phone so I\'m considering getting a barrel mounted rifle camera.  None of my hunting buddies have the "stones" to hunt these bad boys with me after dark so I looks like I\'m stuck doing this alone.
Will keep you posted.
Kevin .

I can\' say enough about the nighteyes!! On this particular night I saw both this red and another red that I didn\' get at over 200 yds and 300 yds respectively. On the one I didn\' get as soon as we started to call its eyes popped up at over 300 yds. The only thing I had on was my scanning light at about 60% power. I watched it through a hedge row come the whole way across another cornfield and into the hedge row then walk a little sideways in the row. When it came out of the hedge row at about 70 yds it was running. When I turned the gun light on I had no problem telling it was a red but I just flat missed in all the excitement. On the red that is in the picture it step out of a stand of pines on the edge of the field we were hunting at a little over 200 yds. Once again only using my scanning light. It hung up at about 150 yds so I turned on the gun light and had no problem at that distance telling it was a fox although I couldn\' swear to the color at the time. A squeeze of the trigger later you see the results. The gray was pretty uneventful as I saw it as it came out of a fence line at less than 50 yds and ran straight into about 20. I could tell with only the scanning light that it was a gray but I turned on the gun light and downed it.

Mike M. from Pa

Last dog down!

Steve F. from NY

    Recently I received a new predator light to evaluate. Here is my writeup: Night Eyes Predator Light Evaluation (Headlamp) I received this light a while back for testing, and according to my website, I stated I would evaluate any equipment on a fair and impartial basis. These are the results of my testing: This light is manufactured out of machined aluminum, and the housing holds the reflector, glass lens and a red high intensity Cree LED. Standard adjustable elastic fabric holds everything together. The unit comes with two (2) 18650 rechargeable batteries and a wall charger. What is unique about the charging setup is that you charge the battery right in the holder on the headlamp by plugging the cord into a small connector on the right side of the battery housing. This also has the capability for larger battery packs to be attached, and is reverse polarity protected in case you put the battery in backward. design is that there is an adjustable dimmer which works electronically and sets a secondary brightness which you choose. Directions are easy to get into the dimmer mode. Once that is done, you hit the switch once for full on. The second hit will allow the light to go to the lower setting you chose in the dimmer mode, and it stays there every time you turn it on or off. I tried this and dimmed it to about 50% and could still see eyes out to 200 yards. Run time on 50% is close to 8 hours, and 3.5 hours for full brightness. This light also has an auto shutoff circuit so that the battery will not totally discharge and ruin things. (You\'ll see a warning blink to let you know it\'s time to charge) There are also other modes to signal a partner who might be hunting with you, and they are explained well enough in the instructions. During testing I thought that the battery holder, which is a cylinder located directly on the rear of the unit, would be a bit heavy or distracting, but that was not the case because the battery was so light, and the housing is light aluminum. I could see very well past the bill of my hat, and I was very surprised to see that the halo was out in front of me by at least 6 feet or more, thus allowing me to fully hide myself behind the light (even on half setting...50%. A coil cord allows good movement from the connector to the light. There is a three (3) year warranty on the system. Overall I am very impressed Please be reminded that I am not selling this light, nor do I have a financial interest.

John Dancy

 I have a Kill Light XLR250 and a Night Eyes as well. Only thing I will say is that the remote switch for the Night Eyes shooting light is CONSTRUCTED MUCH BETTER than the Kill Light switches. I\'ve been through three or four Kill Light pressure switches in two seasons.



After tons of research over the past year , I saw night eyes and had to give them a shot . I was more than pleased with my gun light from them . I hunted with a buddy saturday who had an XLR 250 and I preferred my night eyes over his 250 . The beam spot was much tighter and I was picking up reflectors on fence posts at almost 350-400 yds when his wouldnt . Not trying to knock the XLR 250 or any of the lights sold on boondock outdoors , they are great lights . But I prefer the night eyes lights and will continue to buy these as long as they are around.


    The nighteyes lights are awesome!!! Thanks for such an affordable and usuable product. The lights used in combination could not be better!! Recomend them highly.  I have both the night eyes scanning light and the gun light, and i cant say enough about these lights hands down EXCELLENT!!!


I bought a Night eyes scan light and gun mount light. The guy told me I could see a foxes eyes at 200 yds at half power thought to myself I don\' think so. But took them out and its true. They are the best lights I have bought yet the second night I had them I watched the neighbors cat cross the road in the dark and his place is 255. Awesome lights the best deal to I paid twice as much for others and the batteries only last 3 hrs this one 8.


Got to actually use my Night Eyes for the first time on Sunday Night. There is only one way to describe them, AWESOME!!! I could barely tell I was wearing the scanning light on my head and the gun light added next to no weight to my gun. It didn\' effect the balance at all. I saw many critters (fox, coon, deer) and I had absolutely no problems making them out or what they were. I was running my scanning light at just over half power and picked up the eyes of a fox coming in at over 200 yds. When I added the gun light to it I had no problem making out exactly what it was at over a 100 yds with my naked eye (I use shotgun). I look forward to many more hunts with it. Thanks for a practical light(s) at a great price! This is strictly my opinion and experience so far, you can\' compare the nighteyes with anything else on the market. As I posted on a couple of other threads I have no issues seeing eyes at 250+yds at about half or a little more power. I have used it about a half dozen times and have absolutely zero complaints. What you get is a great light to begin with and when the price is factored in it is even that much better. I was out with a buddy the other night that was using a nite lite that he bought last year and could not believe how bright my scanning light was compared to his couple hundred dollar one year old light. When I turned it on full power he was that much more impressed. I don\' have much experience with many other lights but I don\' believe you can compare the nighteyes to a cheap knock off from ebay. I hope whatever you decide works out for you but IMO I won\' be buying any other scanning or gun lights any time soon. The price is right for a great product.

Brook Trout

  The light in incredible. When I first opened it I was not sure if it was going to be bright enough because of the size of it. I can\' believe so much light can come out of a little mag light. Mounts to the gun very easy. shot my first coyote of the season with it on sunday night. Thanks for everything !!!!!

Don S. from NY

 I got the light the friday of the week you sent it out, and I must say I love it . Actually havent tried it out hunting yet , but the whole kit is great . I cant wait to use it soon just waiting on the storm to pass by . Thanks again for the great product and the fast shipping , looking forward to getting a scanning light this winter. Thanks,

Aaron from OH

    Joe, Well I finally got out last night to really try out your scanning light. Man I love it! I really didn\' think you could find such a great light in such a small package. I mostly hunt alone, so my biggest struggle has always been trying juggle everything. Scan with one light and be able to quickly get my rifle up. I was so much better last night! Just being able to look around and scan and keep my rifle cradled and ready to go. And again the light is so well balanced and comfortable! I used a generic head lamp to walk in with and it was front heavy, kept pulling my hat down, and hurt my forehead. But with your light once I had it on and the head adjusted, in never had to touch it again. After 45 minutes on the stand I couldn\' tell I was wearing it. And even though I didn\' see a coyote I did pick up the eyes of an owl on the other side of the field perched in a tree...AWESOME LIGHT MAN! THANKS!


Joe, I just wanted to tell you that you are the best. I truly appreciate you taking your time out to show me, a complete “newbie” to predator hunting, the ropes in getting started with nighttime predator hunting. Your knowledge is vast, your patience is well appreciated and your “Night Eyes” scanning light is top notch too. The features on your light make it easy for a newbie to quickly learn how to operate it. I’m glad I waited to get your scanning light and not one of the others that are on the market. Best of luck to you in your business and I hope that your light becomes a raging success. 

Best regards, Richard S. Fultz, Lock Haven Pa. 17745

Joe, just wanted to say thanks again for an awesome product.  Got my second double at night at the same stand i got the 1st. Double on January first. The only difference is i almost got a tripple this tme. Cows blocked the third one. Total of 7 coyotes this year so far.    

Thanks again.  John hanshaw

Joe , your lights have opened a whole different hunting world to me , I have never used a light that last as long and lights up eyes like Night eyes ! I get eyes over 250 yards no problem with the head light , I couldn\' ask for better predator lights ! 

Dalton Zerbe, PA

The new head lamp works great!the first night i used it the temp. was 2 degrees. the light worked flawlessly. love being able to adjust the light beam to different settings and hands free scanning..

thanks gary

So far they are working flawlessly. I\'ve been hunting in well below freezing weather. No issues. Lights easily show 200yds and i bet they will prove to be better with no moon. I\'m using them now just to look for eyes. Not needed for shooting its so bright. Thanks again for a great product!

Jessica F.

Just wanted to thank you for your super fast shipping and awesome headlamp. I have been extremely impressed with the headlamps quality of materials and its ability to vary the intensity while scanning. I haven\' spooked a critter yet and have still been able to light them up from at least 200yds out. I am also a fan of the silent on/off switch; I can easily and quietly switch from my scanning light to my gun light. 

Overall a great product that after hunting with several buddies, they agree it is a "must have" light and they will or already have ordered one for themselves. Thanks again!

Brian Atkins

Hi Joe, Went out last night for quick hunt. Made 4 short sets. 2nd set 2 coyotes came in and met their fate. Night eyes lit them up like I knew they would. Again, best in class product and thanks for all your help getting me back in the game quickly.Regards,Bob


Joe, I have been using your lights for the last 2 months and all I can say is they are the best lights on the market!! They perform outstanding. The scanning light picks up eyes at over 200 plus yards and the gun light, simply phenomenal. Thank You for developing a HIGH QUALITY lighting system for the predator hunter.

Eric Pittsburgh Pa.


Hi Joe,

It\'s been a little while but I just wanted to let you know we have made it out a couple times now to use your products and I have to say we LOVE them!  They are awesome!  EXACTLY what we were looking for and do everything you claim.  Couldn\' be happier with our purchase.  Hopefully we can help get more guys sent your way.


Todd Springer

Joe, wanted to drop you a note about some feedback on your lights after putting them through some hunts. we are very pleased with them. bright, good battery life, durable. only problem i have had is they do not seem to see it at all. with my old light when they got into range i would drop the light and they would stop and shoot. this year i have had greys that just wouldn\' stop because they have had no idea they were lit up. great problem to have. lol. just wanted to say thank you for a great light.
Scott and Forrest Callahan
I purchased your gun light at the Harrisburg show just wanted to let you know it mounted on my bow perfect, and I am very happy with the quality of the light, and the amount of light it puts out. I am able to come to full draw before activating the light, I\'m looking forward to doing some urban coyote hunting from tree stands next year. 


Shot this this am. Thanks night eyes. Works awesome.

These are 2 greys I got last night. Love the lights.  Saw eyes 150yds out in the timber. unbelievable range and brightness.

-40 degrees Fahrenheit ambient air temp.
Please click on the following link to read a forum post from a customer in North Pole, Alaska who performed a test on the Night Eyes Gun Light in minus 40 degrees fahrenheit:

THANKS,JOE. The night eyes combo set are awsome.pulled off a double at night.What was really awsome was to shoot the female 20 minutes later after shooting her mate in front of her. The lights never bothered her even on second attempt.; She came back in to 150 yards and smoked her...thanks again for a great products..

-John Hanshaw

anna say thanks to night eyes for there awesome product. We called in 11 foxes last night and were able to kill 2 beautiful red foxes on marylands easternshore."

- Dylan Keller

"From last night, using the night eyes dual beam headlight liking it so far"-Cliff Martin on the use of our newest light
2014-2015 Season (Cliff Martin)Thanks again Joe for a great product.

"Sorry left the gun with light at my house so we just grabbed one for the picture. Great purchases we won\' be sending then back".

-Jason Huyer on his 2015 cat kill

"My first kill with my new night eyes it!! 204 dropped it"

-Brian Ritter 

calling this evening with a new set of lights from night eyes that we just got in the mail today and we scored on our first stand. Love the lights!

-Dana Shaum, Indiana