* * NEW * * FOCUSABLE Super Bright Twin Beam White LED Headlamp Kit (HL60F)

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Our NEW HL60F Headlamp is our first focusable beam headlamp. It is similar to our current HL50 rechargeable dual-white headlamp but with a few modifications. The HL60F has a focusable beam, it is more robust and has an all aluminum battery holder. The total weight of this headlamp is just over 10 ounces including the batteries. The HL60F is super bright and when focused in fully, distances of over 200 yards are achievable. The HL60F headlamp has 9 brightness levels with a runtime of over 70 hours on the lowest setting and slightly over 4 hours on full power. Larger external battery packs can be purchased separately for extended runtimes.  It can also be easily mounted to a bump cap with our optional conversion bracket. The HL60F features a user-friendly compartmentalized power driver/switch for added safety and a built-in intelligent temperature control to avoid overheating. 

The HL60F was designed for raccoon hunting but due to its light weight and versatility it can be used for any task where extreme brightness, durability and adjustable lighting is essential.  In fact, all of our headlamps were designed with the outdoorsman in mind. The HL60F is ideal for racoon hunting but also works great for fishing, biking, camping, hiking, caving, mushing or any other activity which requires hands-free focusable lighting. 

Optional Remote Battery Pack (sold separately)
The 7.4v BP4872 battery pack is compatible with both our HL60F and HL50 headlamps. The battery pack includes an extension cable which allows the battery pack to be worn on a belt or placed in a pocket. This battery pack will double the standard runtimes and the headlamp will now only weigh 4.5 ounces when using this remote battery pack.

Optional Color Filters (sold separately)
The color of the beam can be changed by purchasing optional red, green or yellow pop cap filters. The color filters are made of colored glass not plastic. They are quick and easy to attach and flip up when not in use.

Optional bump cap mount now available (sold separately)
Our aluminum bump cap mount will allow any of the Night Eyes headlamps to be conveniently mounted to any standard bump cap that has an attached female bracket.   

The HL60F Headlamp Kit includes: focusable dual-beam headlamp with adjustable headband, two high density Li-ion rechargeable batteries and charger