Super Bright Twin Beam White LED Headlamp Kit (HL50)

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This Li-ion powered dual white LED headlamp is arguably the brightest headlamp of its kind on the market. Some companies inflate their claims on Lumens however since this light meets the ANSI / FL-1 requirements ( American National Standards Institute) I am able to say without question it has a true 2200 Lumens. To give you an idea of how bright the HL50 is, when set at full power the HL50 is as bright or even brighter than the high-beam of a vehicle headlight.   

It features a unique microcontroller which offers practical functionality with 8 easily-accessed brightness modes (with memory) and 4 hidden strobe/flash modes. The HL50 is also extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It weighs only 10 oz with the batteries installed. It provides excellent runtimes with the two 18650 rechargeable batteries; approx. 4 hrs on max mode (2200 lumens) and up to 30 hours on low mode (50 lumens). The HL50 features a user-friendly compartmentalized power driver/switch for added safety and a built-in intelligent temperature control to avoid overheating. 

It provides all the same features as our HL08 series headlamps. However, due to the extreme amount of light output, the HL50 requires two batteries with a total voltage of 7.4V. In summary, the HL50 is the ultimate outdoorsman headlamp great for raccoon hunting, fishing, biking, camping, hiking, caving, mushing or any activity which requires hands-free lighting.

Optional Remote Battery Pack (sold separately)
The 7.4v BP4872 battery pack allows the HL50 to use an optional remote battery pack & extension cable. The extension cable allows the battery pack to be worn on a belt or placed in a pocket. This battery pack will double the standard runtimes and the headlamp will only weigh 4.5 oz when using this remote battery pack.

Optional Color Filters (sold separately)
The color of the beam can be changed by purchasing optional red, green or yellow pop cap filters. The color filters are quick and easy to attach and flip up when not in use.

Optional bumpcap mount now availible (sold separately)

Our aluminum bumpcap mount will allow any of the Night Eyes headlamps to be conveniently mounted to any standard bumpcap that has an attached female bracket.                                                                                                                                  

The HL50 kit includes one dual white beam headlamp, two 18650 3400mAh rechargeable batteries and A/C charger.