DLYFULL M1 18650 USB Single Battery Charger

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Product Description                  

This charger can automatically detect battery types and selects the appropriate voltage and charging modes. The M1 charger is capable of charging Ni-MH, Ni-CD, Li-ion, and LiFePo4 batteries in addition to E-cigarettes.  It can also be used as a power pack to charge small devices such as a cell phone while on the go.


  1. Charges a variety of batteries such as Li-ion, NI-MH, Ni-CD, and LiFePo4.
  2. Automatically identifies battery type and will select the appropriate charging voltage.
  3. E-cigarette charging port.
  4. Indicates the battery power percentage (25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%)
  5. Fast charging with maximum output current up to 1000mA.
  6. Optimized design for IMR battery charging circuit.
  7. Automatically detects battery status and selects from constant current/constant voltage charging modes.
  8. Power bank function can be used to charge small external devices.
  9. Automatically stops charging when battery is fully charged.
  10. Bad battery detection,-ΔV control reverse polarity will automatically shutdown to protect against short-circuit and overheating.
  11. Designed for optimal heat dissipation.
  12. Will handle battery (cell) length up to 71mm.



Model: M1

Color: Black

DC Input:   Micro USB 5V/1A                                  

Output 1:   1.48V 500mA/1000mA Ni-MH/CD

Output 2:   4.2V    500mA/1000mA   Normal Li-ion

Output 3:   3.65V 500mA/1000mA   LiFePo4

Output 4:   4.35V 500mA/1000mA High capacity Li-ion

Output 5:   4.2V    500mA E-cigarette

Output 6:   USB    5V/1A 

Package List:  

1 x  DLYFULL M1 Charger 

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x User Manual