USB Charge Adapter for HL08, HL09, HL50-Q and HL55 Headlamps

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This USB cable charger is compatible with the Night Eyes HL08, HL09, HL50-Q and HL55 Headlamps. This makes it convenient to recharge your battery straight from a computer, USB mobile charger, USB AC charger or USB car charger. It features a LED light indicator with red-green for no battery, red for charging and green when fully charged.


·         Input - 5V 800mA

·         Output - 4.2V 800mA

·         Length – 20 inches

Compatible with the HL08, HL09, HL50-Q and HL55 Headlamps. 

**This adapter is NOT compatible with the 7.4v Dual White HL50/HL60F Headlamp or any HL08 Headlamp purchased before 2014**