XTAR SC1 Li-ion Fast Rechargeable Battery Charger

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The XTAR SC1 Li-ion battery charger is a single bay USB battery charger that charges at
2 Amps of power for a very quick charge. The SC1 is compatible with 18650, 18700, 20700, 21700, 22650, 25500, 26650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

It is easy to revive over-discharged batteries with the integrated activation function. The SC1 battery charger is powered with a Micro USB port. It is compatible with any USB house or car adapter.

It is recommended to use 5V/2.1A power source or above to maximize efficiently.

The XTAR SC1 battery charger adopts 3 unique charging methods: TC (trickle current) wake-up, CC (constant current) fast charge and CV (constant voltage) fully charge. It automatically adjusts charging current and voltage through three stages to help increase battery life.

The XTAR SC1 has an easy-to-read LED indicator for displaying the status of the battery charging level. The SC-1 has reverse-polarity, short circuit, overcharge and overheat protection. It will automatically stop charging when the battery is fully charged making it is safe to leave the charger unattended.